Saturday, October 16, 2010

snapshot summary #41

Weekly  Wrap-up 
{A Snapshot Summary}

Monday - 10.11.10

[family day... I made our favorite special lunch: pot roast with vegetables... 
never mind that it was amazingly tough meat :) ]

Tuesday - 10.12.10

[When he heard that someone would be going out to kill lunch, after some time, Micah finally convinced one of them to lend him a gun (he had to agree to pay for the bullet). No one there thought that it was possible for the gringo to kill anything! 
Well. Little did they know who they were dealing with ;) the MIGHTY hunter.]

Wednesday - 10.13.10

[These people are some of the believers in the village, gathered in the church leader's house.  
They all were quite enthralled watching Micah set up his tent inside the house.  This is a seriously momentous occasion as they'd probably never seen a tent before.]

Thursday - 10.14.10

[Between two of the villages, is this hot spring waterfall.  
Micah usually takes advantage of stopping off here to take a mid-week shower. :) 
On the way there, they saw a huge river dolphin right next to their boat, 
had been hearing stories in every village of anaconda sightings in the area, 
so were feeling ever so slightly unsettled and jumpy...]

Friday - 10.15.10

[On a 45 minute jaunt through the jungle between villages 
the guys were enduring some serious humidity.
In a nearby village Micah prayed for a lady who only 6 months ago had been shot 
by a trip wired shotgun on this same trail (they use this kind of trap to bring in game for food)... 
needless to say Micah didn't wander off for any potty breaks.]

Saturday - 10.16.10

[We welcomed our hero home this afternoon... and everyone's dying to hear all about his adventures!]

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Phyllis said...

What an amazing husband you have and what an amazing life you lead.

Diane said...

what great pictures.. I want to know what kind of bird he shot and we all know how great a hunter he is.. wait till he gets his bow and arrow out..I want to see all the pictures also, Oh wait!!! just 30 more days and I will be able to...yayyayayyayayya

Deb Schneider said...

Love you guys... people praying for you. Erich and I praying for you. We love you guys.